Imagine checkers, but you could cross the borders like in Pacman. And you would have special cards with huge synergy systems to spice it up.


Ranked games and ELO system. 40+ cards built with balance in mind. Patches will be made and the community will be listened to.

Free to play

Playing offline against A.I. and joining casual games will be free.


Built with React.js, the game will release and play seamlessly on Windows 10, MaxOS, Linux, Android and IOS

Fun and engaging !

We have troll cards, trap cards, cards that mess with your brain. For players who are into trying weird strategies, this game can be a ton of fun  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) 

Strategic and decisive

2 players face off in a turn based game with a limited set of cards. The goal: kill the opponent's pawns.

Each turn, you have 4 actions points to spare in order to play your cards. Some cards have offensive effects and are hidden until you play them, some others are visible since the start and let you move your pawns according to a certain pattern.
But there is a catch : your pawns can cross the board and get to the other side, like in arcade Pacman.

The game ends up being an endurance test of dancing, anticipating enemy's moving patterns while trying to get close enough to kill thoses pawns.

Collectible card games ⨉  traditional board games

Patherns is a strategic playground where nothing happens according to plan, but where a dead end is never to be seen. The only thing that lets you win is your ability to plan with risks in mind, to process paths and odds in real time and to never lose focus. All of this, while playing, learning and experimenting with all thoses cards.

Beta & Release

The game will be released before 2021.
There will be a handful of public and private testing sessions until then. Follow us on twitter to get informed when it comes !

Join the hype train !

Can't wait ? play the paper version at home for free !

Patherns was first a hand-made board game prototype. It has been improved many times over the last year by playing with many, many different people. 
From chess experts to advanced heartsone players, the prototype took all the feedbacks and improved towards a solid strategic gameplay.
The game was also improved with the feedback from non-gamers such as little children and older folks.

Feedback is much appreciated since most of the cards here will be in the final game !

Who's making this ?

Hello, I am Anicet, the solo dev working on Patherns. 
As a 18 years old french IT student I have plenty of free time to work on this project. 
For me, making my own online multiplayer game has always been a dream. I have been programming since 2015 with this goal in mind, and now it is time to finally get it done. I usually take the necessary time to archieve great polish and to engage with the community. 
I genuinely want as many people to enjoy and to build upon my games, that is why I aim for cross-platform and free to play. While keeping the shop open for more engaged players.